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  About Derby Associates Limited
Security Consultants and Commercial Investigators established in 1987 and re-branded in 1993.

Derby Associates Limited is an Investigation Consultancy managed and staffed by former Scotland Yard detective Officers, all of whom have an exemplary police background and a wealth of knowledge and experience, utilised to the benefit of their clients. In addition to the principal officers of the company and it's employees, it benefits from a nucleus of select contract staff of equal status and professional calibre.

The company is conveniently located to the City of London, and equidistant between London's two major International Airports, Gatwick and Heathrow. During the years of trading the company's client base became dispersed throughout the United Kingdom and overseas and it's continued expansion bears testament to the quality of service the company provides in this highly competitive field.

This comprehensive Security and Investigation Portfolio has been designed to give the corporate and individual client the assurance of a quality service across a broad spectrum of security related disciplines including a Fraud Investigation service, Fraud Risk Management Programme, Insurance Claims Investigation Service and a Legal / Litigation support service.

Over the last decade, Press and media coverage of crime and fraud related events, coupled with our own perception of everyday life, makes us increasingly conscious of the need for enhanced awareness and vigilance in our personal and professional lives. The encroachment and intrusion into personal lives in the form of ‘identity fraud’ is particularly alarming, and therefore at this time when the traditional roles and responsibilities of the police are becoming more narrowly defined and public sector resources are finite, the private sector, and in particular Derby Associates Limited is available to respond. We owe it to ourselves to protect our businesses, our families, and our possessions. Let Derby Associates Limited help to plan the security of your future.

Roger Spreckley - CFE - M.I.P.I.
Managing Director and Certified Fraud Examiner

Roger Spreckley Roger joined the Metropolitan Police in 1969 and served 18 years in the service, 16 as a career CID officer dealing with every aspect of police duty. Working mainly at busy operational stations such as Chelsea, Notting Hill and Wandsworth, his career was highlighted by specialist service at New Scotland Yard with the Metropolitan and City Police Company Fraud Department where he was involved in a large commodity wine fraud and a complex multi-insurance Broker fraud.

Rogers' expertise in the investigation of fraud on behalf of banks, building societies and major credit card companies, saw him rewarded with seven commendations for 'diligence and dedication to duty and professional detective ability'.

In pursuit of his ambition and subsequent guidance, Derby Associates Limited was formed and the company grew into a successful private security firm with a prestigious client base.

His dedication and detective ability, allied to the synergy and skills of his staff has ensured the recognition of the company name and its reputation, both by word of mouth and personal recommendation over the past 24 years. The company has a client base ranging from Saudi Arabian Royalty to major national and international insurers, lawyers, and established corporate clients in the financial world.

Policy Statement

It is the established policy of Derby Associates Limited and companies associated with
us to operate a formal quality assurance system that complies with the requirements of:

BS7499 Part II, BS EN ISO 9000 and regulated to ACFE approved standards.

Our policy is aimed at enhancing service and standards, maintaining and developing existing business and taking advantage of new opportunities in the security world.

Following and implementing this policy will result in success and satisfaction for the customer, company and staff.

The policy objective is to provide a service which conforms to the highest standards of our industry, meets fully with our customers' needs and expectations and advances the reputation of the private security sector and Derby Associates Limited in particular.

Client Guarantee

Derby Associates Limited guarantees that everyone working for or representing the
company will be of exemplary character.

This claim can and will, where necessary, be supported by authenticated testimonial evidence from previous employers.

Under no circumstances will anyone with a criminal record or dubious antecedents be employed by this company



Derby Associates Limited - Company Registration Number 2800079 - DPA Registered Z8779932